License Renewal

All dentists and dental hygienists in Colorado must renew their license by the end of February of even years.
Renewal period ends on February 29, 2024.

Renewal is now OPEN!

2023 Dental Hygiene License Renewal Fees

Renewal Fee – $90.00
Peer Assistance Fee – $32.00
Portal Fee – $2.00
Legal Defense Fund – $2.00

Total – $126.00

*If you have an ITR permit and/or a local anesthesia permit, there is no additional fee for renewal. These permits remain active at no additional fee as long as your dental hygiene license remains active. 

When renewing your license, you will be asked verify that you have completed the 30 hours of required continuing education, and that your courses meet the requirements outlined in the Colorado Rules and Regulations.

Colorado Dental Continuing Education Summary
Colorado Dental Practice Act
Colorado Dental Board Rules and Regulations
Colorado Dental Hygiene CE Tracking Form (created by CODHA)

*You do not need to submit proof of your CE courses during the renewal process. DORA and the Colorado Dental Board will complete a randomized audit of licensees. If selected in the audit, you will then need to submit proof of your CE courses at a later date. DORA requires that you keep proof of your CE for
“at least two renewal cycles” (4 years).

DORA no longer sends postcards or mail to licensees. Make sure that your email address is up to date with DORA so that you receive updates about changes to the Practice Act, Rulemaking updates, and reminders for license renewal.

CODHA uses the mailing list provided by DORA to mail postcards to all licensed dental hygienists in the state of Colorado.

If you have not been receiving mail from CODHA, it is most likely because your Public Address in your DORA account is incorrect.

Make sure to update your address when renewing your license!

You do NOT need to renew your local anesthesia permit or ITR permit, if you have them.

These permits are tied to your dental hygiene license and will automatically renew as long as you have an ACTIVE dental hygiene license!

Other Forms:

Still have questions? Contact DORA at or 303-894-7800.

**If you are planning to change your status to inactive or retired, please reach out to us at CODHA. If you ever want to reinstate your license at a later date, you will likely have to retake a clinical board exam. It is often better for you to keep your license active if you think there is any chance that you may want to have an active license again in the future**