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Disclaimer: Colorado Dental Hygienists’ Association does not employ any attorneys on staff and can not provide legal advice. All resources on this site have been provided by other organizations as templates and guides, and can be revised to fit your organization’s needs. We recommend consulting with your attorney about any forms or legal documents you plan to use in your practice.

Mandated Reporting Laws

Colorado Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline
Available 24 hours a day, every day!
More information available at

Adult Protective Services (APS)
Report cases of abuse and neglect for at-risk adults to APS.
More information available at

Labor Law Information

Colorado Department of Labor and Employment
633 17th Street, Suite 600
Denver, Colorado 80202-2107

Website –

(303) 318-8441
Toll Free: (888) 390-7936
Fax: 303-318-8400

US Department of Labor – Wage Hour Division
1999 Broadway, Suite 710
Denver, CO 80202

Website –

(720) 264-3250
Toll Free: (866) 4-USWAGE
(866) 487-9243

OSHA Training Requirements

Colorado Dental Laws and Rules:

Colorado Dental Practice Act – effective 2018
Colorado Dental Rules and Regulations – effective August 14, 2018


The Colorado Dental Board is the regulatory agency of the dental hygiene profession. See the website to review your legal requirements for maintaining your license and your practice. Encourage consumers to look up licensing information of the dental hygienists and dentists in the dental office where they are considering treatment.

For information about the Colorado Dental Board, applications, and full updated documents, please visit:

For legal advice, please consult with an attorney.

Additional Contacts

Maureen West RDH, JD – Dental Hygienist and Attorney
Website –
Phone – (720) 270-0488
Email –