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Elections for Your Representatives!

In 2017, the CODHA house of delegates passed a rule to have elections for the Component Trustee’s and Alternate Trustees.

Being a Trustee you will attend the full Colorado board of trustee meetings which usually entail 4 live/in person meeting and  electronic meeting. and represent your geographical part of the state and the interest for members in that part of the state. You will have the opportunity to serve on our different councils as well.

The best part about being Trustee is you know what is going on at the state and the local level and can help create the go between for them. Your full voting rights and ideas are needed and appreciated!

Elections of representatives.   No less than 60 days prior to the CODHA Annual Session, CODHA shall annually ballot the members of each Unincorporated Component to elect the Component Trustee and Alternate Trustee.

Component Trustees.  The Component Trustees shall hold the position of voting member of the CODHA Board of Trustees and shall be eligible to be a member of the CODHA Standing Committee referred to as the Component Advisory Committee.  These positions shall be for one term but may be extended by elections for 3 consecutive terms.

The final people who are selected for component or local group trustees will need to have their paperwork filled out and submitted by August 9, 2019. There will be a simple election packet to download on our website

Then all the candidate’s information will be posted for 2 weeks on our website starting August 11th 2019

Then in the last week of August you will receive an email with your electronic ballot!


Julia Martin

CODHA President 2018-2019




Korki Stroud, CODHA Parliamentarian

Although ADHA/CDHA was born in 1923, organized dental hygiene in Colorado began in 1919.

As has been the pattern in Colorado, to lead the way, the dental hygienists in this state helped to forge the path for the future one hundred years ago.  In 1919 the first class of dental hygienists graduated from the University of Denver’s School of Dental Hygiene.  Within months, in 1919, the Colorado Society of Dental Hygiene was established with the adoption of the first Constitution and Bylaws and Code of Ethics (four years before ADHA was established.)   The first president was Ethel Covington who later served as ADHA’s 3rd President (1926).

Licensure for Colorado dental hygienists was also established in 1919 by the Colorado Legislature.   (Note:  This information was provided in the History of the Profession of Dental Hygiene in Colorado, authored by Deb Astroth and Lori Keilt and posted for your pleasure on the CODHA website.)

The Colorado footprint for our profession and association was laid in the year 1919.  I personally celebrate this year because I have treasured my involvement in this chosen profession and Association since 1963.  My membership began at Rangely College in the Junior American Dental Hygienists’ Association and has continued for 56 years.  These years have been a heightened source of pride, satisfaction and growth for me.   Along with the gratification and the rewards that memorialize my 45 years of clinical dental hygiene experiences, are the gifts of continued friendships and comradery that I will forever hold dear.

Whether you are a first-year dental hygienist, a student, or a 50-year contributor to this unique profession, I urge you to celebrate Colorado dental hygienists and the esteemed position we all enjoy in the health care world thanks to the efforts which began 100 years ago.

Korki Stroud, CODHA Parliamentarian



Annual Session Preview

CODHA Annual Session 2019
Registration is NOW OPEN

November 7-10, 2019
Denver Marriott South at Park Meadows
Earn Up To 16 CEUs

Topics Include…

Local Anesthesia Techniques
New AAP Periodontal Classification
Cultural Sensitivity
Natural/Homeopathic Remedies
Women’s Health and Hormones
Effects of Stress
Thyroid Dysfunction
Dental Hygiene Scope of Practice
CDT Procedure Code Best Practices
Direct Access/Independent Hygiene
and more!

2019 Speakers:

Alyssa Aberle MBA, RDH
Kathy S. Forbes RDH, BS
Kelli Jaecks MA, RDH
Amy Kirsch, RDH, BS
Catrice Opichka RDH, MS
Betsy Reynolds RDH, MS
Katrina Sanders

Lancette VanGuilder RDH, BS
Maureen West RDH, JD
Student Panel and Practice Ownership Panel

As low as $275
Full Conference Registration
for ADHA Members

Become an ADHA Member
TODAY to save on registration!
For information including full schedule, course descriptions, speaker bios, pricing, and more…



Continuing Education Pictures!


Recent Western Slope Continuing Education

Western Slope Continuing Education Session.


Upcoming CE:

Diode Soft Tissue Laser Certification for Dental Hygienists + Dentists

8 CEU – $465 | $565

2019 Upcoming Courses:
Denver – August 16 : In Op Clinical Hands On ~ Altura Periodontics & Learning Center

Colorado Springs – August 17


Continued Laser Education: Lasers & Periodontics Webinar Series

all courses are counted as LIVE IN PERSON (not online) due to interactive format

2CEU | Introduction to Lasers | June 18 6-8pm CST / June 25 6-8pm PST

3CEU | Laser Assisted Perio Therapy | June 12 6-9pm CST / June 26 6-9pm PST

3CEU | Laser Bacterial Reduction |  June 11 6pm CST / June 19 6pm CST


Courses by local RDHs, International Laser Specialists, and ADHA component members.

In Office Sessions available for the entire team! Inquire about private, comprehensive integrative sessions.

SPECIAL ADHA rates for webinar series

Visit for more information and dates/locations in other states.

Elaine Rodriguez, RDH

Owner-Dental Hygiene Integrations, LLC
Continuing Education Provider:  United States, Canada
AGD Pace Provider #372596
Diode Laser Certification & Training, In Office Implementation, Hygiene Production & Team Building
Continuing Education Seminars for license renewal
602-677-1704 MST
8776 E. Shea Blvd. Suite 106-118
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
“Passion. Prevention. Production.”



CODHA: Supporting our Professional Community

Howard M Notgarnie RDH EdD

Liaison, ADHA Institute for Oral Health

Chair, CODHA delegation to ADHA House of Delegates

Chair, Council on Educational Services


Colorado Dental Hygienists’ Association has been an active community in our state and nationally. At the national level, we have actively contributed to the American Dental Hygienists’ Association Institute for Oral Health and to the dialogue on policy statements ADHA makes to the community. In our state, we have been keeping our members informed through continuing education.


ADHA Institute for Oral Health


American Dental Hygienists’ Association raises funds and distributes those funds toward charitable services and growth of our profession. Through its Institute for Oral Health, ADHA provides scholarships to dental hygiene students and grants for community service and research projects. Please visit the ADHA IOH website to learn how ADHA has supported the community through charity, how you can apply for scholarships and grants, and how you can contribute to the charitable arm of our profession. Our State has a goal to raise $1766.00 for ADHA Institute for Oral Health for the fiscal year ending this month. By the end of March, we have raised $765.00. For the fourth year in a row, the premier event through which ADHA IOH has been raising funds is the In Motion 5K: Run, Walk, Fun. We have the 5K at our ADHA Annual Conference, this year in Louisville, KY. For this event, at the time of this writing, we have raised $31,726 of the $70,000 goal. District X (Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Montana) contributed $410 of that. After the 5K is complete, participants and contributors can enjoy the After Glow Party with a Kentucky Derby theme in Louisville’s Ice House.


ADHA Annual Conference


The Colorado delegation is geared up for the ADHA House of Delegates. The scientific session of the Annual Conference is mostly on the weekend this year. More of our membership will have the opportunity to take advantage of up to 23 hours of high-quality continuing education at a flat rate. The exhibit hall will have numerous vendors with the latest technology, some with discounted prices on the products you use for your patients. Some of our biggest sponsors will be Aspen, Brasseler, Colgate, Crest, Dentsply, Glaxo Smith Kline, Henry Schein, Hu-Friedy, Midwest, Quip, Philips, Sunstar, and Voco. The conference also lends plenty of time for networking among our colleagues. Classes, exhibits, workshops, and community service opportunities will be Thursday, June 20 through Sunday, June 23, 2019. Starting that Sunday morning through Tuesday, June 25, the House of Delegates will convene. The ADHA Committee on Policy & Bylaws reported the HOD will deliberate 9 Proposed Resolutions and 6 Proposed Bylaws Amendments. Unlike last year, Colorado will not be proposing its own resolution. However, we are co-sponsoring a resolution as a constituent member of District X, that ADHA “advocates for the administration of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine” (Proposed Resolution 6).


Educational Services


Our Boulder Component deserves a big congratulations for providing monthly meetings with continuing education. Western Slope and Southern Components did great, as usual with their one-day conferences. Our Executive Administrator, Alyssa Aberle, RDH, BSDH, MBA, is providing a valuable service to our State as well as to our profession by presenting the Silver Diamine Fluoride course dental hygienists are required to take before administering SDF treatment. The Council on Annual Session has an amazing lineup of speakers for our CODHA Annual Session November 7 – 10, 2019, Denver Marriot South at Park Meadows. Registration for the scientific session and the Free Course on the Dental Hygiene scope of practice and CDT procedure coding are now open with ample time to complete your CE requirements before the February 28, 2020 deadline for license renewal. This conference, alone, provides up to 16 hours of continuing education. When you attend, please be sure to thank our sponsors, including 3M, CE Zoom, Cloud, Dental Temps of the Rockies, Designs for Vision, Eclipse, Hu-Friedy, Katrina Sanders, Premier, Ultra Light Optics, Ora Pharma, and Waterpik. No doubt, we will have many other sponsors and vendors to greet at the Exhibit Hall. Along with continuing education, be sure to attend the President’s Luncheon and Awards Friday afternoon, Happy Hour and CoHYPAC Friday evening, the Keynote Luncheon Saturday afternoon.

Like ADHA, CODHA will have our House of Delegates near the end of the scientific session. As a member of CODHA, you have voting rights in the organization, and the HOD is one of the most accessible ways to exercise those rights. You can represent your Component by becoming a Delegate and directly voting on CODHA’s Policies and Bylaws. You can nominate yourself or another member of your Component for a leadership position. You can apply to the Nominating Committee to be an officer of the CODHA Board of Trustees.

The ADHA Board of Trustees reports its continuing mission “to unite and empower dental hygienists to enhance the public’s oral and overall health” by support of dental hygienists individually, advocacy for the profession as a whole, and stewardship of ADHA resources. I am proud to recognize CODHA, through our actions fulfills ADHA mission and goals while meeting the unique needs of Colorado’s professional community and our consumers.




CODHA for HPV Free Colorado

Teresa Ramirez, RDH Public Affairs Chair


Since July 2018 CODHA has been involved in a work group for the HPV Free Colorado Advisory Council Committee. The Council’s focus is to research, create, and implement an official program to help registered dental hygienists and dentists in Colorado feel more comfortable about discussing the Human Papilloma Virus and its connection to cancer. Especially, how to encourage patients aged 11-25 to obtain the HPV vaccine and how patients and their families can help prevent certain cancers in the future.

As we currently know HPV contributes to more oropharynx cancer than any other virus. The hope when we leave college is that we will actually be allowed time to not only implement a thorough oral cancer exam (OCE) on each patient, regardless of age, but to also be able to explain the “whys” behind the OCE. The “whys” are abundant if you listen to the news, take a CE course, or do an online search. As an RDH, we are taught to focus on the head and neck regions, yet, so frequently we only have time to “clean teeth” and focus on what the DDS or management wants.

It can be difficult to juggle the needs of patients the office or the dentist in forty-five to sixty minutes. I encourage you to take an Oral Cancer Screening CE if you haven’t lately, there are ways we can do the screening within 5 minutes when needed. If you are unable to do an OCS, document that you did not, and the reason behind it. If it is not a priority in your office, speak up and advocate for patients and yourself. It doesn’t have to be a note of contention in the office, just perform an OCS on a staff member to educate them. We as registered dental hygienists have the ability to refer to a specialist of any type when we have a question about our discoveries. If you work with a DDS, of course ask them to step in for viewing and opinions or diagnosis. Take a photo, ask patients to return in 2 weeks if they feel comfortable with that.

The FACT of the matter is PEOPLE ARE DYING, and we as dental professionals have a way to help with prevention, education, and screening often at least twice per year. In Oregon this May, House Bill 2220 was passed to allow dentists the ability to provide any vaccine to their patients! What an amazing opportunity to increase health in our nation.

Quick facts to present to patients are:

  • The HPV vaccine should be administered between the ages of 11-25. Often patients will have someone in their family within these age groups. Ask patients if they are aware of the cancer prevention vaccine today.


  • HPV is linked as a CAUSE to not only oral cancer, but to women’s and men’s reproductive organ cancers, among others. Let patients know the HPV vaccine helps prevent many of these cancers.


  • There is no treatment for HPV, but the vaccine can PREVENT more than 90% of HPV cancers from ever developing. Let the patient know we as Dental Hygienists (AHDA) are advocating for the HPV vaccine for the future of their family’s health.




Council on Regulation and Practice

Deb Astroth, Council Chair


Colorado Dental Hygienists’ Association (CODHA) actively supported three bills, along with numerous stakeholders, during the 2019 Colorado Legislative Session.  All three bills passed and were signed by Governor Polis.  HB19-1038 Dental Services for Pregnant Women on Children’s Basic Health Plan Plus requires the medical services board to include dental services for eligible children enrolled in a children’s basic health plan.  The bill requires the board to include dental services to all eligible enrollees, which includes children and pregnant women.

HB19-1326 Rates for Senior Low-income Dental Program was a bipartisan bill that passed unanimously.  This bill will increase that maximum reimbursement rate for the Colorado dental health care program for low-income seniors to greater than the rate previously chosen by the state board of health.  The bill also forbids the dental advisory committee from recommending a maximum reimbursement rate that is lower than the Medicaid fee-for-service rate.

HB19-1172 Title 12 Recodification and Reorganization is the culmination of the effort to relocate non Department of Regulatory Agency provisions from Title 12 into a new statute volume.  Title 12 of the Colorado Revised Statutes relates primarily to the regulation of professions and occupations.  In 2016, the General Assembly enacted Senate Bill 16-163, which authorized a multi-year project to recodify title 12. In 2017 and 2018, the General Assembly enacted numerous bills to relocate to other titles all laws that do not relate to the regulation of professions and occupations.  Title 12 now generally contains only laws administered by the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA).  The process created common provisions that are generally applicable to all practice acts administered by the Division of Professions and Occupations and modified the various practice acts to eliminate redundancies with the common provisions and eliminated provisions that were archaic or obsolete.  Previously, the section of Title 12 for Dentists and Dental Hygienists were listed under Title 12, Article 35.  We are now listed under Title 12, Article 220.

We thank our Lobbyists, Diana Orf, Kathy Otis and Betsy Murray for their efforts throughout the Legislative Session.

In addition to our work on the legislative front, the Council was involved in pursuing changes to the Colorado Dental Board rulemaking for modifications to Rule XXVI Application of Silver Diamine Fluoride by Dental Hygienists.  CODHA worked with Colorado Community Health Network, Caring for Colorado Foundation, Oral Health Colorado, Children’s Hospital, Colorado Children’s Campaign, Colorado Dental Association and Healthier Colorado  to request changes to the rule to be consistent with the language and intent of the statute.  The Colorado Dental Board adopted the changes as presented on May 9, 2019 and they will go into effect on June 30th.  You can access the new rule on the Colorado Dental Hygienists’ association website at under Rulemaking Update , Rule XXVI Silver Diamine Fluoride.

The Council is also reviewing all of the CODHA policies statements to insure they are current. We are charged with making recommendations and or resolutions to the CODHA House of Delegates for consideration of modifications and additional policies as necessary.  Our policies provide the basis for our positions as we prepare for the upcoming Sunset review process of our Statute by the Colorado General Assembly.  The sections of our Statute on Interim therapeutic restorations and Silver Diamine Fluoride are up for review in 2021.  The entire Statute will be up for review in 2025.

Our President, Julia Martin, appointed a Sunset Task Force that has been working this year to review the current Statute and identify areas that we would like to see changed.  One of our policies states that three years prior to the Sunset Review Process for the entire Statute, CODHA will conduct a Special Interest Survey to Colorado Dental Hygienists.  The survey will take place in 2022 and President Martin is appointing a committee to develop the survey.

Some issues that have recently been discussed by dental hygienists on social media and during meetings are in-office diabetic testing and botox/derma fillers.  Please feel free to join a discussion regarding these and other issues and respond to the online Special Interest Survey in 2022.





Botox and the Dental Hygienist

By Becky Comstedt, RDH, BS


As a dental hygienist, if you have ever wondered if you can legally administer botox (either for TMD or aesthetics), you are not alone. In fact, this is the most common question the Colorado Dental Hygienists’ Association (CODHA) receives.

Currently, botox is not included in the Colorado Dental Practice Act and is ONLY allowed under the Medical Practice Act under the supervision of a physician. So, what about finding a physician to supervise you? The Colorado Medical Board states they have no jurisdiction over dentists/dental hygienists. As a dental hygienist, if you want to provide botox, your best option is probably to speak with an attorney familiar with both practice acts, who can help you determine the best course of action to get you qualified under the Colorado Medical Practice Act.

Or, you may be interested in joining a CODHA committee to amend the Dental Practice Act so that it includes botox administration (or other extra-oral injections that may be therapeutic or cosmetic in nature). CODHA is the largest official voice for the dental hygienists in Colorado. While CODHA’s legislative activities officially represent members of the association, ALL Colorado dental hygienists benefit from the work and activities the association does on behalf of the profession.

When an issue such a botox administration arises, CODHA forms a committee of at least three interested members, with a chair appointed from the group. The committee would research all things related to botox, such as: what do other states allow, what is the Colorado Dental Association (CDA) doing in regards to botox, what is it that Colorado dental hygienists would like to do, what is the benefit to patients, what educational requirements should be completed, etc. This committee reports back to CODHA’s Board of Trustees (BOT). Ultimately, a bill may be proposed to the Colorado Legislature and the Dental Practice Act may be amended if our state representatives vote for the change. (Change is slow and doesn’t happen overnight).

If you have worked as a dental hygienist in another state, you can appreciate the work that past/current members of CODHA have done for our profession! Colorado was among the first states to allow anesthesia, independent practice, prescriptive authority and more recently our members have worked to get laser, ITR and SDF incorporated into the dental hygienists’ scope of practice. While other states are experiencing a decrease in their state association membership, Colorado is bucking that trend and increasing our membership! This is important if we hope to continue leading the nation in our scope of practice laws.

CODHA is currently looking for members who are willing to join a Botox committee. If you are interested in Botox, but are not currently a member, we would love to have you join the association (continue reading to learn about some of the benefits members receive). If you are a member and are interested in joining a botox committee, please contact me, Becky Comstedt (my info is at the end of the article).

If botox is not a passion of yours, but maybe another topic is (myofuctional therapy, change in education standards for dental hygienists, airway health, oral-medical integration, etc) please consider joining the association (if you aren’t already a member) and reach out to your component trustee to let them know what you would like to see change!

What are benefits of being a CODHA/ADHA member? For starters, lots of free/discounted CE opportunities!!! It is also a community in a profession that can feel isolated and undervalued. CODHA/ADHA provides you with opportunities to use leadership and administrative strengths that may not be well utilized in the clinical setting. Now is a great time to join the association and look at upcoming opportunities to participate. Elections are coming up for Trustee positions, Component Chair positions and Executive Committee positions. If you are interested in smaller role, there are numerous standing councils that are always looking for members to have a voice.

Even if you have no time to volunteer right now (I have three young kids, I get it!) we would still love to have you join CODHA! The higher percentage of Dental Hygienists we represent in our state, the stronger our position when we go to the legislature.

If you are interested in being an initial member of a Botox Committee, please e-mail me, Becky Comstedt, at

If you are interested in joining CODHA/ADHA, please see our website and click on “membership” at the bottom of the page.

If you are already a member and see a need for change in our scope of practice, please contact your component trustee and let him/her know your thoughts.,,,,,

If you are in a season of life that you are looking to become more involved in the association, please e-mail or download the election packet from the website, “Meet the Officers.”



Sjögren’s Walk Photos:

CODHA took part this year in the Sjögren’s Foundation walk that took place on June 8th in Littleton and Hudson Gardens. Members participated in the walk, and offered xylitol All-Day Spray samples from Elevate Oral Health and educated patients about how to maintain their oral health with Sjögren’s. This will likely be an annual event in which CODHA will participate!


A Call for Fun, Friends, Future, Facultative, Foundational, Fulfillment and You!

Teresa Ramirez, RDH  Public Affairs Chair


I will be enjoying my last year of delegate responsibilities for the CODHA this year in Louisville, KY, at the American Dental Hygienists’ Association’s Annual Session June 20-25, 2019. I have truly enjoyed the opportunity that you, as voting members, have given me to experience our Association’s governmental process first hand, at the last three Annual Sessions of the ADHA.

It is an incredible experience detailing the inner workings of a group of dedicated individuals, set on helping our profession advance to its fullest capacity. The fact that there are hundreds of like-minded people doing a service for thousands of Registered Dental Hygienists, advocating and understanding our needs, is an undertaking that also includes the thoughts of the individual.

Often, it is the individual idea from an RDH that can come to fruition on the house floor, each and every year! Your voice matters at the state and national levels!

If you seek a deeper knowledge and involvement in our profession and the future of your own lifestyle as an RDH, then considering a role as a delegate or alternate delegate may be a step in an awesome direction! If you are a member in good standing, and have held an office in the CODHA, please contact your President Julia at to express your interest.

If you are a current member and have not held office, please contact us at with a message about becoming more involved as a chair or as an officer, and we will reach you as soon as possible.

Fun fact: next year — New Orleans, Louisiana! Laissez le bon temps rouler! June 12-16, 2020.

Thank You Members!

Teresa Ramirez, RDH 

Public Affairs Chair, MDC Trustee 2016


June Picnic Photos