Colorado Dental Hygienists’ Political Action Committee (CO-HY-PAC)

CO-HY-PAC is a voluntary, not for profit, unincorporated committee of individual dental hygienists and others. CO-HY-PAC is an independent, autonomous organization and is not a branch or subsidiary of any national or other political action committee. This political action committee is not affiliated with any political party. It is through CO-HY-PAC that we can give some financial support to legislators who are supportive of dental hygiene issues.

The purposes of CO-HY-PAC are:
1. To support those statewide or local candidates whose political principles promote the purposes, policies and goals of the CODHA and the profession of dental hygiene.
2. To encourage dental hygienists and others to understand the nature and actions of their government, as to the important political issues and as to the records of officeholders and candidates for elective office.
3. To assist dental hygienists and others in organizing themselves for more effective political action on a statewide or local level and in carrying out their civic responsibilities.
4. To promote and strive for the improvement of government by encouraging and stimulating dental hygienists and others to take a more active and effective part in governmental affairs.

CO-HY-PAC Lifetime Membership

CO-HY-PAC Annual Membership

CO-HY-PAC Contributory Membership

Want to contribute to CO-HY-PAC without annual or lifetime commitment?
Contributions are welcome in all amounts and will help CO-HY-PAC support legislative campaigns in Colorado.