CODHA Explorer June 2023
Celebrate the Opportunity of ADHA Membership!
By Korki Stroud RDH, CODHA Past President 1979

2023 – 1963……This year I am celebrating 60 years of being a member of ADHA!

Reaching this milestone causes me to reflect on WHY I found this membership to be so important throughout my life.

In 1963 as a first-year dental hygiene student at “Rangely College” I paid the necessary $3 to join the ADHA Student organization.  It was my duty to join!  I scarcely knew what I was joining or why and handing over the $3 was huge!  I was elected Secretary of the group and looking back, that initial involvement lead to future terms as Secretary in CODHA and on to Minutes Review for the ADHA House of Delegates.   With these accomplishments came higher challenges and offices……that is how many of us “grew up” within ADHA.

 As we became aware of issues facing our profession, we found strength and confidence within our numbers to bring our state association to national stature.   Our pride and our commitment was contagious.  We celebrated the comradery gained through our ADHA memberships.

 Every licensed Colorado Dental Hygienist benefits from my paid membership in ADHA.   Our precious Dental Hygiene profession and licensure can only be protected and improved through an organized group effort.  We are strong through ADHA.  What started out as a “duty” in 1963 for me, first morphed into a social connection and ultimately into a passion. 

I celebrate the profession of Dental Hygiene and my membership in ADHA….. and will continue to do so into the future.

I celebrate today as many of those friendships continue.