CODHA Explorer July 2023
By Cynthia Fong RDH


Imagine walking into a room filled with thousands of dental hygienists!  Imagine having an opportunity to select from nearly two hundred continuing education courses over four days!  Imagine attending social events scheduled during the day and evening.  Imagine getting product information and free samples from over one hundred and fifty exhibitors!

For the dental hygienists who attended the 100th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association in Chicago Il from July 5 – 9, 2023 –  they didn’t have to imagine – it was realty.  CODHA’s leadership was part of a once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

From the opening ceremony (Erin Brockovich was the keynote speaker) to a wide variety of courses (tracks included clinical practice, behavioral management, dental therapy, education, health/wellness, infection control, research, oral medicine, special interest groups, public health, and product presentations) – the chance to network with dental hygienists from around the United States, as well as international dental hygienists, was phenomenal. The closing general session was entitled “Driving Your Future as a Critical Healthcare Professional”, truly set the stage for the next one hundred years.

ADHA is divided into districts for governance purposes. Although ADHA did not conduct formal business during the 100th Anniversary celebration, Colorado enjoyed an informal brunch with the other states assigned to its district (Wyoming, Utah and Montana) to develop relationships with its neighboring colleagues.  It was a great opportunity to “unify” our district and to get to know each other “in-person” since ADHA have only met via ZOOM to conduct its business during its House of Delegates.  

Ultimately, the celebration was a PROUD moment for all in attendance.  It reminded us of the importance of our ADHA membership.  If you take an opportunity to talk with those CODHA leaders who attended the celebration, then you will know why each of us are ADHA members and choose to be active in the only association that represents the profession of dental hygiene.  

Happy 100th ANNIVERSARY to the American Dental Hygienists’ Association!

CODHA Leaders who received partial funding by CODHA to attend the ADHA 100th Anniversary Celebration were Alyssa Aberle, Val Cuzella, Cynthia Fong, Courtney Justice and Lisa Westhoff.

Original artwork commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association

ADHA District X attending the ADHA Chicago Bootlegger’s Ball: Awards for Excellence President’s Dinner.

From 2nd left to right: Cynthia Fong, CODHA Explorer Co-Editor, Alyssa Aberle, CODHA Executive Director, and Dani Ford, Chair of Council on Regulation and Pracitce, ready to enjoy the ADHA Bootleggers Ball in Chicago with two new friends!

CODHA Immediate Past-President, Val Cuzella, and her husband, James Cuzella, dressed in appropriate “Bootleggers” attire attending the ADHA Bootleggers Ball.

ADHA DISTRICT X dental hygienists (Colorado, Montana, Utah and Wyoming) getting together for brunch.