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Cynthia Fong, RDH Co-Editor’s Note:  Tam John shares her professional advice on “eating right and living well”.  She provides nine easily incorporated tips that will enable you to ”cleanse” and gain a “Spring Energy Lift” (and who doesn’t need more energy these days?).

Think Spring. Think Green. Think tender green plants emerging in Spring, which provide a refreshing presence with aesthetic and nourishing properties. In addition, eating greens containing chlorophyll have a blood cleansing effect supportive of purification, anti-inflammation, and regeneration. 

Fresh seasonal choices are the perfect foundation to protect and fortify the liver, the body’s major detoxifying organ integral to the digestive system. According to Chinese medicine, greens have healing worth for the liver. Likewise, healthful choices for the digestive system are also beneficial for the brain.  

Contemplate fasting or time-restricted eating to a plan that cares for your blood sugar balance. A fast done too long can cause the body to rely on glucose for energy rather than burning fat. Moreover, intermittent fasting may result in the loss of extra fat gained in winter. Excess fat may congest the liver, lymphatic system, and GI tract if not released. In addition, extra weight may cause a body and brain to become toxic and sluggish.

When you eat should also be considered. The brain’s natural detoxification cycle is sacrificed when you eat too close to bedtime. Essentially, adopting healthy eating practices that honor yourself and your body’s unique biochemistry will result in optimal genetic expression. 

Pro Tips to Inspire a Spring Energy Lift

Enjoy a lemon tonic first thing every morning. A wedge of fresh lemon in an eight-ounce glass of room temperature or slightly warm water will aid the breakdown of impurities and support immunity. In addition, room temperature water enhances digestion, may be beneficial for metabolism and is more easily absorbed than cold water.  Protect tooth enamel by drinking with a straw and swish with water afterward.  

Go Green. Daily choose tender baby greens. Arugula, spinach, microgreens, baby lettuce, dandelion greens, watercress, and Swiss chard naturally sync with Mother Nature, reflecting allegiance to your body. Consume raw or gently sauteed greens to aid digestion.

Spring for Sprouts. Brussels, broccoli, pea shoots, sprouted grains, and rice offer more nutrition and fiber and support blood sugar balance and digestion.  

Personalize protein:  People have unique needs for quality protein as a catalyst for biological functions. Adequate protein is necessary at all ages and stages of life. Honoring your body’s need for protein will help maintain balanced blood sugar and create sustained energy. A good starting point to gauge protein consumption is a serving about the size of the palm of your hand with each meal. Then load up your plate with more colorful veggies for micronutrients, antioxidants, and fiber. If you are a Vegetarian, be sure to research and fulfill your complete protein needs while not overconsuming processed carbohydrates.  

Go Berry Wild. Deep red and purple in berries and pitaya are compounds that support cognitive wellness. Powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties aid the brain’s natural ability to clean out toxic proteins that may contribute to mental weakening.

Garlic helps increase glutathione production, an antioxidant to aid purification and detoxification of the liver. Enjoy garlic in a slurry of olive oil and lemon juice dressing for fresh greens.

Adequate hydration is vital to flush toxins from the intestines. H20 is a macronutrient. Consume most water away from meals so as not to deplete digestive enzymes.

Bitter herbs, liver protective, and digestion supportive, like dandelion and yellow dock, can aid cleansing from the inside out to reflect a healthful glow.  

Practice good sleep hygiene. Create a peaceful and technology free wind down routine each evening to enhance natural detoxification and rejuvenation that comes with quality sleep. Allow several hours from your last bite to bedtime—lights out by 10 pm.  

Optimal nourishment equates to true satisfaction, never deprivation. So, elevate yourself with Spring’s bounty. And rejuvenate a better feeling life.   

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Cynthia Fong, RDH Co-Editor’s Note:  Tam John is the Founder of EatRight-LiveWell, Holistic Wellness Consultancy based in Colorado.  She works with adults to seniors, and families including children, across the country via TeleWellness (on-line|Zoom) consultations .  Personalized Nutritional Therapy with Tam guides a Zero Deprivation approach to Diet-Free Thriving™ with emphasis on what each person CAN eat for an energetic active lifestyle and compliance with healthcare protocols.  Tam authored the book A Fresh Wellness Mindset as a roadmap to a personalized, easy, healthful, delicious fad free food life in America.  Please explore all the EatRight-LiveWell holistic wellness services and products at