CODHA Explorer June 2022



The personal and professional development of dental hygienists really matters to Janiece Ervin RDH, BSDH.  So much so that she has established a business called the Dental Explorer Network (DEN) for just that purpose.  The DEN is really comprised of two creative and important components that each support the development of dental hygienists in different ways. Besides The DEN itself, there is the DEN Academy. The Explorer recently interviewed Janiece to understand more about these business models and to learn about the owner and founder, Janiece Ervin.

The Dental Explorer Network

The DEN can be described as a unique temporary or permanent job placement model for dental hygienists across the US looking for a new adventure in the state of Colorado.  One reason Janiece’s model is unique is due to the travel component.  Another reason is that Janiece includes a coaching component in her placements to help dental hygienists maximize their personal and professional growth and to help assure that the employment placement is a good match for both the dental hygienist and the prospective employer. 

Janiece conducts zoom-based interviews with her potential clients and also has them complete three self-assessment inventories.  As a strong believer in the value of top-quality communication skills, each of these inventories is connected to communication styles.

The first of these inventories is the DISC profile which focuses on working relationships by evaluating how one responds to conflict, what a person’s stressors or motivators are and problem-solving skills.  The second assessment is called Driving Forces and determines one’s personal goals as relates to the most optimal work environment. The third inventory evaluates one’s emotional intelligence.

A dental hygienist who would like to work in Colorado or who would like to experience work in a different locale in Colorado is the ideal client for Janiece.  The duration of this work experience can be long-term, short-term, or even occasional.  A dental hygienist re-locating to Colorado for a work experience will have travel and housing assistance from The DEN.  Similarly, a dental hygienist already working in an urban area of Colorado may elect to live and work in a mountain community temporarily with the help of The DEN.

The DEN Academy

The DEN Academy is the second component of The DEN  created by Janiece.  The personal and professional development of dental hygienists is also supported with this business model.  Janiece described this enterprise both as a learning center and a study club.  Continuing education courses are offered both in the fall and spring.  Acclaimed speakers present the courses as webinars which can either be online or in person.  Watch for course offerings through CODHA communications and via social media.

Janiece’s Personal Profile

A dental hygienist for 17 years, Janiece has lived in Colorado since 2008.  A self-described ‘military brat’ who loves to travel and grew up on a variety of different places, she graduated from the University of Hawaii with her BSDH degree.  This busy lady will soon enroll in a master’s program likely in Organizational Development.  She also has an active personal life being Mom to three children ages 15, 17 and 21.  She says she is a ‘sports mom’ whose most important job is as cheerleader for her three children.  Janiece has served CODHA in several roles including Delegate, component Trustee, and now as the Chair of the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion. Congratulations, Janiece, on your enthusiasm for dental hygiene, your commitment to dental hygienists, and on both of your business enterprises.

If you would like to contact the owner and founder of The DEN and the DEN Academy, Janiece Ervin can be reached at