License Information

ALL dental hygiene licenses in the State of Colorado expired February 29, 2016.
If you did not renew your license before this deadline, please contact DORA and the Colorado Dental Board
at 303-894-7800.

Some people are not aware that ALL dentists and dental hygienists renew their license at the same time. ALL dental professionals are due for license renewal by the end of February of even years. Next license renewal date is February 28, 2018. Please spread the word!

Starting a Dental Hygiene Practice

Is the information in your Healthcare Professions Profile up-to-date?

As a healthcare provider licensed by the Division of Professions and Occupations (DPO), you are required to update your Healthcare Professions Profile within 30 days of any change in information or reportable event. DPO is the Division within the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) that regulates many healthcare professions and the Healthcare Professions Profile Program.

What is a Healthcare Professions Profile? A Healthcare Professions Profile is an online resource to assist consumers in making informed decisions when choosing a healthcare provider. Over 225,000 profiles are available online to be viewed by the public. A profile contains information such as board certifications, practice specialties, criminal convictions, disciplinary actions, restrictions and suspensions in Colorado or any other jurisdiction, malpractice settlements and refusals, etc.  To search a Healthcare Professions Profile, and click on “Search for a Profile”.

What is the Healthcare Professions Profile Program (HPPP)?  The law that created the HPPP was championed by Patty Skolnik, a mom whose loss of her son led her to advocate for greater transparency and disclosure by healthcare providers. Her legislative effort resulted in the passage of the Michael Skolnik Medical Transparency Act of 2010. The HPPP implements the requirements of this Act.

Why does the information on a Healthcare Professions Profile have to be updated? The Michael Skolnik Medical Transparency Act requires licensees to keep the information in their profile current. Information must be updated within 30 days of a change or reportable event. “Yes” answers to certain questions require documentation be sent to the HPPP where it will be posted and viewable on the profile. Licensees not in compliance may face an administrative fine of up to $5000; once a fine is issued, that license cannot be renewed, reactivated or reinstated until all HPPP requirements are met.

How do I update my Healthcare Professions Profile? Visit our website at, click on “Create/Update a Profile”, then choose “Create/Update a Profile” for the column of your profession. Use the “Forgot Password” feature to send your password or logon id to your email address on record.

Questions can be directed to the Healthcare Professions Profile Helpdesk at or 303-894-5942.

Reminder: It is important to keep your mailing and email addresses current with DPO. Update your information by logging in to your Online Services account.

The Colorado Dental Board is the regulatory agency of the dental hygiene profession. See the website to review your legal requirements for maintaining your license and your practice. Encourage consumers to look up licensing information of the dental hygienists and dentists in the dental office where they are considering treatment.

For information about the Colorado Dental Board, applications, and full updated documents, please visit